Parent Testimonials

United Methodist Preschool has been the best choice we have made for our children. Our two boys are very different with different needs.

Our older son struggled with speech and language, which affected not only academic learning but social interactions as well. The teachers and staff at UM know every child by name and personality, they helped my son love school at a time when it would have been easy not to. Luckily, he was able to go to Junior Kindergarten at UM and was more than prepared for Kindergarten socially, emotionally and academically.

While our younger one, is easy going and comfortable pretty much everywhere (and eager to chat with friends). They helped him in the most loving way to become a good “student”, so he would be ready for kindergarten.

United Methodist Preschool cares for ALL the children so deeply. Every day when you enter the school, someone is there to greet your family. The playground it is set up different each day to encourage exploring and new play ideas. All the activities planned have a purpose, the children are constantly learning even when they don’t know it.

As parents, it feels so good to know that we got the absolute best for our children. They both love school thanks to UM! This school will forever hold the most special place in our hearts!

— The Few Family

Your diligence and care for providing an above reproach environment for developing little minds is extraordinary. Jillian and I are completely blessed that our trust to help instruct and care for Gracie has been reaffirmed as our expectations have been consistently exceeded. NCUMP has been exceptional in helping shape her into a brave, confident and well-adjusted child.

We appreciated every day we were afforded the opportunity to walk our daughter into a school with such a special atmosphere. We were always greeted with a friendly hello. As we walked past the art areas, playgrounds and gardens the focus on enrichment, excitement and safety was always immediately evident. Then would come the moment where we would drop off Gracie to teachers that can only be described as Godsends for our family. We will forever be grateful for and reflect upon the care, kindness and instruction her teachers bestowed on our little girl. At the end of every school day we would listen to Gracie’s stories that exemplified her mind was being expanded in wonderful and miraculous ways.

Jillian and I truly thank you for the care and attention that made incredible experiences occur every day Gracie attended NCUMP over the past 2 years. We also thank you with indescribable gratitude for your compassion in helping make it all possible. Thank you!

— Stephen and Jillian Herman

These years of early childhood development are very important and we are so thankful for the TEACHERS and curriculum at NCUMP. We could not be more certain we made the right choice.

We have two children with very different personalities, the outgoing wildflower and the textbook wallflower. Having attended NCUMP since “mommy and me,” we know it has been the best possible place nurturing their very unique opposite personalities. The staff and warm environment has helped my son come out of his shell feeling comfortable and confident, ready for Kindergarten. He graduated the 4’s program with a smile and curiosity, leaving behind the apprehension. While my little spark plug enjoyed the 3’s program and has found her beat socially and creatively.

The parents at the school really make it amazing, the support and love is overflowing. The front office staff has years of experience and helped us pick the program best for our family, whether it was ½ day, full day or 5 days a week.

After the confusion of finding a preschool, we were so happy to have chosen NCUMP. We feel like we gave our kids the best possible start in their educational career.

— Heuser Family - Our Lady Queen of Angels

As a first time Mom, I spent months researching several preschools when it was time to enroll our son William. I had heard about NCUMP's wonderful reputation and decided to do the Parent/Toddler program to learn more. After joining William in the classroom and seeing the amazing program they offered, I knew NCUMP was the right choice for us. The second you enter the gates at NCUMP you get that magical feeling of what a preschool should feel like. The staff is phenomenal and has truly helped to foster a love of learning in William. I can rest assured that every day William comes to school he will be presented with endless opportunities to grow and learn.
Our three years at NCUMP has no doubt given William a solid foundation and better prepared him for moving on to The Pegasus School in the fall. We will always look back on our time at NCUMP with very found memories.

— Marianne Canori - Pegasus School

My three children have attended NCUMP and we have been so happy with the combination of a loving, supportive atmosphere with a place of learning. When our older two entered Kindergarten at Andersen, we were pleased to see they were way ahead of their peers because of what they had learned in their Pre-K class at United Methodist. They focus on the whole child and teach important concepts through creative play as well as their Houghton-Mifflin curriculum.

— Alice & John Wrate - Andersen Elementary

The teachers at NCUMP have provided our children with nurturing care and instilled in them a love of learning that will last a lifetime. Their tender guidance and thoughtful stewardship have helped to develop our children both socially and academically and fully prepared them for kindergarten. We have found all of the staff and teachers to be open, communicative and receptive to our thoughts and concerns. Our second-grader still runs to give his Pre-K teacher a hug every time he is there. We will miss NCUMP after five great years and we look forward to coming back to visit!

— Karnick Family - Andersen Elementary

United Methodist Preschool has been a huge part of our children's lives! The nurturing, caring and FUN teachers have created a love of learning in our girls that we believe will be with them forever. The fundamentals taught at UM have prepared our children to be successful in an academically-challenging elementary school environment. We cannot emphasize enough the amount of respect, gratitude and love that our family has for United Methodist Preschool!

— Kim & Jason Krotts – Harbor Day School

Junior Kindergarten at United Methodist is the most amazing year a child could ever dream of! The children enjoy their days with numerous hands-on activities, the love of the awesome teachers, and the fabulous playground that only United Methodist has to offer. Both academically and socially, the children are so prepared to enter the elementary years with a passion for learning that the teachers instill in them. They learn to LOVE to learn!!

— Amy Cohen - Harbor Day/Mariner's School

Our son, (even though very sociable in nature) was not very happy at the first preschool he started. After moving late in the year to NCUMP, I was a little nervous whether he would adjust to the new school and class. My son is now getting ready to complete his second school year at NCUMP and I can’t say enough good things about the school – our experience here has been absolutely wonderful. The teachers welcomed him and made sure he felt included and loved. Every day at school has been a happy day for him. Academics and learning are also emphasized and encouraged through fun activities. We were thrilled when our son was accepted through a very competitive admission process of a well-known and very academic school, and are confident his tenure at NCUMP directly contributed to his success through the admission test. We are very thankful for everything NCUMP has done for our son!

— Honary Family - The Pegasus School

My child has grown from a reserved and unsure preschooler in the 3’s program to a confident child who loves school and is academically ready and excited for Kindergarten. The school achieves this by having fantastic teachers who absolutely adore their students and nurture their total development as unique individuals. And yet, it is so much deeper than that! The school treats every child with deep respect and genuine warmth. The teachers are very receptive not only to my child’s needs, but my needs as a mother. The learning environment is diverse, rich and so very fun. All the while the children are learning in every way: socially, physically, creatively, and academically. The school evokes a feeling of warmth and kindness. The results are children who are secure, respectful of structure and individuals, and are poised to be fantastic learners in Kindergarten. Our child, and I believe every child, graduates from United Methodist with a feeling of security and confidence and a love of school and learning. I believe that a love of learning is the foundation for success in Kindergarten, school and life

— The Sakraney Family - Harbor Day School