Philosophy and Curriculum


Newport Center United Methodist Preschool is a developmentally academic private preschool which provides a warm, accepting environment for young children and their families. We offer an atmosphere that nurtures academic, emotional, social, language, and physical growth, which in turn encourages creative expression and positive self-esteem. As each child passes through our school, they are guided to reach their maximum potential.


Our curriculum goals support individualized learning; encouraging exploration, experimentation, and discovery. We use the Houghton Mifflin curriculum, which is also used by the Newport Mesa School District and many private schools, for language arts, reading and math. Our goal is to have your child walk into their Kindergarten classroom the very first day and already be familiar and comfortable with the instruction and materials they will encounter. Materials and activities appropriate to the child's age and stage of development are continuously introduced to support the children as they construct their own knowledge in an atmosphere of fun-filled discovery.

Our learning objectives are based on the State of California Developmental Profile Standards and on the Criteria and Standards supported by the National Association for the Education for Young Children. Our curriculum covers the following:

  • Science: We provide varied opportunities and materials to help children learn key content and principles of science as they engage in hands-on activities.
  • Mathematics: Through exposure to activities like block play, the calendar, graphing, and board games, the children develop mathematical skills in areas like measurement, serration, adding, subtracting, and graphing.
  • Language and Literacy: We support elementary literacy skills by introducing Houghton Mifflin reading materials.
  • Music/Movement: With our music teacher and in the classrooms, children use memory skills and auditory discrimination (necessary for reading), while experiencing the principles of music.
  • Creative Development: We provide opportunities and materials which may at times be "messy," but we believe that while "paint and mud wash off, creativity sticks." There is daily access to a wide variety of materials that allow children's imaginations to soar.
  • Personal and Social Competencies: A critical area of development for kindergarten readiness is social and emotional development. We help children become increasingly aware of their physical characteristics, recognizing their skills and accomplishments while increasing independence in personal care and self-help skills.
  • Gross Motor Development: Our large outdoor environment allows for activities that help children develop their large muscles and become more proficient in their use of motor skills.
  • Fine Motor Development: As developmentally appropriate, we introduce materials from the "Handwriting Without Tears" curriculum to support pre-printing and printing in a fun, stress-free, no-fail environment.