Fine Arts Program

Art of the Masters

The art inspired by The Master’s Program is uniquely designed to give young children a taste of art fundamentals while teaching them about the many styles and techniques of artists from around the world and from a different time such as Van Gough, Monet and Warhol. The creative model for our program follows an imaginative art education curriculum that is inventive in its approach to inspire confidence and instill a sense of wonder and curiosity that helps foster creativity. It is structured to engage the student’s curiosity through history, art techniques, vocabulary and hands-on experiences. The students discover their own creativity while developing confidence in their own unique abilities.


Our school garden creates an interactive working laboratory that gives children a place to explore and discover the natural world with horticultural experiences for fun, creative and imaginative play. The garden introduces children to many life-long values such as perseverance, patience and respect while connecting children with the earth and allowing them to observe nature first hand.


Music, with our beloved music teacher Mrs. Hoppe, is a weekly experience for the children. Twice a month the children meet with Mrs. Hoppe as a class group to dance, play instruments and learn new songs, once a month at a school wide Sing-a-Long and once a month for Chapel. We invite all of our families to come to both Chapel and Sing-a-Long as their schedules permit.

After-School Enrichment Opportunities

Newport Center United Methodist Preschool offers a variety of enrichment opportunities for preschoolers.

Path to Literacy with Alpha Friends

This class aims to instill a love of reading and move children along their path to literacy. The class features storytelling, learning the mechanics of reading (phonics, decoding and punctuation), various genres (poetry, biography, fairy tales and informative books) as well as listening to stories. Houghton Mifflin’s Alphafriends will accompany the children on their journey so they will be old friends when your child enters kindergarten. Houghton Mifflin’s reading program is used by the Newport Mesa School District and many private schools. This class is open to all Prekindergarten (4’s) and Jr. Kindergarten (5’s) children in a twelve-week format.

ABC's of Science

The preschool child is naturally curious. This natural curiosity makes this the perfect time to help them create an understanding of some core concepts of the scientific process in a fun, child-friendly atmosphere. The children are inspired to love and enjoy learning as they discover the wonders of this world. A science notebook will be sent home after each session detailing our experiments as well as sharing our recipes for the fun engaging activities the children have experienced. Join us as we turn “why” into “wow!” This class is open to all enrolled children in a nine-week format.


Cooking is a skill that lasts a lifetime! Cooking requires children to use traditional school skills like math, science, and reading as they engage in meaningful, hands-on activities. By bringing in quality children’s literature, extending the lessons with art projects, and concluding each lesson with a group writing activity, we make each recipe an all-inclusive academic experience. Our recipes are drawn from many cultures and the curriculum is carefully planned to expose children to a variety of healthy ingredients. Over the course of each session, children will have an opportunity to cook breakfast, soup, snacks, main courses and desserts. At the end of each session, the children will receive a cookbook containing the recipes used in class accompanied by short summaries in the children’s own words describing their cooking experiences. This class is open to all enrolled children in a nine-week format.