Jr. Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten is designed for children who turn 5 before November 30 and need the gift of time before they enter a traditional kindergarten program. Jr. Kindergarten children are provided with individual instruction in the areas where growth is needed and more advanced instruction in the areas where they are proficient.

Along with continued work on all the Social Skills to better prepare our students academically to attend both public and private kindergarten programs, we have adapted The Houghton Mifflin PreK Curriculum Program, which is used by the Newport Mesa School District and many local private schools. The Handwriting Without Tears Program that was introduced during the 4-year-old program and will continue to be implemented.

Parent Comments of Jr. Kindergarten Alumni:

"We are extremely happy we enrolled our son in the Jr. Kindergarten program at NCUMP. In his Jr. Kindergarten year he learned to increase his focus, follow instructions and got a solid academic foundation. He was well prepared for Kindergarten and we attribute his love of school and academic performance to his time at NCUMP."
Riker Family - Andersen Elementary

"As parents of two children who attended the Jr. Kindergarten Program at NCUMP, we love their philosophy of developing the whole child. Our son and daughter were accepted and well prepared when they entered Harbor Day School."
Hauge Family - Harbor Day School