We offer an atmosphere that nurtures academic, emotional, social, language, and physical growth, which in turn encourages creative expression and positive self-esteem. As each child passes through our school, they are guided to reach their maximum potential.


We have seven classrooms on our campus. Each classroom has a covered patio area attached for messy, hands-on fun. Our teachers do an excellent job of creating a warm, welcoming classroom environment by lining the walls with children’s art and birthday and family pictures, as well as creating cubbies for each child’s belongings. Classroom learning is enhanced with various tabletop and floor activities and areas devoted to block building, dramatic play, art and writing centers, science centers, and much more.

Outdoor Play Areas

We have four outdoor play areas the children can enjoy during outside time. We are blessed to have such a large, functional play yard; a quality unique to Newport Center United Methodist Preschool. The four outdoor areas include the covered art patio, the little yard, the big yard, and our orchard. We have two outside teachers that set up the yards in a way that supports and extends the classroom curriculum. We do a lot of science, art, and small and large motor activities outside, as well as enjoy group sport activities on our grass area in the big yard. We have a river area for water fun, swings, dramatic play areas, climbers for both the cautious and the more adventurous, tunnels for quiet time, and huge digging areas. We offer hands-on planting and gardening fun, manipulatives, and art experiences in a wide variety of mediums.


We are incredibly proud of the staff we have brought together to teach your children. Meet our team and learn more about the amazing people who make NCUMP so special.


Our parents love us! Read about their experiences at NCUMP and learn more about why you should trust us with your preschooler’s education.